MJ's Top Twenty-One (21) Airlines

What makes a good airline?
For me safety, attitude and comfort are paramount. Punctuality is nice but I kind of accept most times this is out of the control of the airline.
At the moment this is my ranking of my favourite airlines.  NB I have not yet flown Kingfisher, Emirates or Etihad!
  1. Air New Zealand-flying ANZ reminds one that flying can be a pleasure (their Sydney lounge pictured right). This is an airline that still hands out sweets upon descent, makes safety videos where the staff are naked, introduced the most amazing check in  system ever, and lie flat seats in Economy! (see comments on the naked ads here)
  2. Lufthansa-I find LH consistently safe, friendly (yes!) with nice food and good lounges
  3. Qantas-felt there was a dip for a while here -but they are on their way back...would like them to make the effort to become a five star with Skytrax...they must be close 
  4. British Airways- struggling for years-they remain a favourite with me but for how long?
  5. Continental-despite Skytrax lumping them in with all the other US 3 star airlines, I think they are the best of the US mainlines. How long this will last is a good question? They dropped free meals this year and plan to merge with United...maybe next year I will drop them to Number 21??
  6. Cathay Pacific-these guys used to be my all time favourite but I feel they are slipping -badly-still beat most of the world's airlines but what happened to the legendary CP service?????
  7. Virgin America-everything about VA is class-hope they can hang onto this as they expand
  8. JetBlue-No one could believe a customer oriented airline would survive out of NYC. I have loved JB since they started. No fuss no stress flying-significantly they are the only US airline to be given a 4 star rating by Skytrax- a joy to fly.
  9. Frontier Airlines- highest safety ratings!! Planes with groovy animals on their tails
  10. Air France - quality food, amazing wine, unlimited bread and good service
  11. Alaska Airlines- consistently delightful with great punctuality
  12. Singapore Airlines -people rave about SQ -they are a good airline but I have not found them to be #1 or #2
  13. AirTran- a few years ago, this airline hit the bottom..since then they have improved out of sight (unless you are a family travelling with kids...they have a bad policy here)
  14. Southwest Airlines- not so cheap budget carrier that does what they say will: Get you there safely!"
  15. Air Canada--
  16. Malev - Hungarian Airlines
  17. SWISS
  18. Pacific Blue - a pleasant way to travel the Pacific
  19. Virgin Blue- 
  20. bmibaby-Except for their punctuality, I find bmi baby, a cheap convenient way to travel across UK/Europe. I will always choose them before Ryanair 
  21. United Airlines- the second best of the big American carriers -what does that tell you when it is at Number 21? You will find Delta on my worst airline list!
    Will do my ranking of all my airlines I have ever flown by the end of 2010. See my list of worst airlines I have flown.
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    1. Unknown Says:

      I agree that Jet Blue was great. I used it for the first time flying from Orlando to Costa Rica this past February. Unfortunately they are not convenient to use to travel west from Florida. Flying from Florida to NYC before going to California makes a very long flight.

    2. My favorite airlines, in no particular order: German Wings (cheap, efficient, clean, on time, great for travel within Europe), Emirates (love the blankies), Virgin American (love the personal entertainment system), and Lufthansa (for all the reasons you said). Airline I try to avoid: American (and, yet, I have more miles with them than anyone).

    3. Unknown Says:

      Hey Rsnyder23..totally agree...it does give one an excuse for a NYC shopover though?

      I would recommend Virgin America when they start non stop from Orlando to La and SFO. They currently fly from Fort lauderdale.

      Frontier fly one stop from Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa and Fort Myers. While its not in my top ten airlines, I find AirTran a pleasant alternative -they go via Atlanta.

    4. Unknown Says:

      @Jayne, ok will do my list of worst airlines

    5. Unknown Says:
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    6. Unknown Says:

      @Jayne, you will note American does not get in my top 21 list!!

    7. Unknown Says:

      STOP PRESS...having flown my 69th airline Emirates. And they take TOP spot on my airline list. This is my previous list of my top 21 airlines.


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