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2011 Ranking Top 25 Cities

2011 Airline Ranking

US airlines ranked by moi for 2011
#1 Virgin America (in short a pelasure to fly)
#2 Jet Blue (pipped at the post slightly my Virgin, Jetblue continue to be a delight to fly)
#3 Air Tran (last time they appear separately now they have merged with Southwest)
#4 Southwest (fun, consistent airline who appera to care yo get to your destnation)
#5 Frontier/ Alaska (both reolabke soli airlines
#5 Delta- I am stunned at the improveemnst in Delta- wifi on almost all planes, better customer service set up, good websiet
#8 United- continental
#9 American – I make msyelf fly american only because I get qnatas points throigh tehir one world relatiosnhisp with them- these guys are nasty
# 10 US Air—so bad 

International Airlines
#1 Emirates
#2 Air New Zealand
#2 V Australia
#4 Qantas

(Hawaiian, Spirit , Suncountry, Alligient not flown)

(luggage, complaints, my experience)
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Oprah Aussie Love in

On eyear
questioned the worth of Tourism Australia's decision to bring out US talk show host Oprah Winfrey and her audience for a series of programs in December.

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I am still Wild about Travel. I love it. Both the journey and the destination. I will be sharing my experiences with both. Thoughts and observations from where I have been and how I have got there. Expect cities, nature, planes, trains, advice, hassles and good times.

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American Airlines Bankruptcy?

I am interested in what is happening over at AA.

Unlike most of the major airlines in the USA, American Airlines has avoided bankruptcy. This may change.

Their shares fell 33 per cent yesterday as people expected the worst after a 62 percent drop so far this year. This last fall came amid fears that the airline could be forced into bankruptcy. It has very high debt levels (17 billion), higher cost base, higher ages,  older planes (their average plane is almost 15 years old), a perception of inferior service in a slowing economy.

In July, 2011, the airline placed the world's largest plane order: 260 Airbus A320s and 200 Boeing 737s. This will help reduce their massive fuel bills by up to 25 per cent.

Bankruptcy may help them with staff costings and refinancing.  Their staff morale can't get much lower (AA staff are some of the most negative and disempowered I have seen in the air).

What is the future of AA?

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