The World Visits my Blog

This month, my Blog turns one! Although to be fair no one looked at my Blog in the first month! Since then,  almost 12 500 people have peeked at a post.  In June, 2011,  I had the highest number of visitors. In May, I had my second highest number of visitors to this Blog.

Favourite Posts?

A lot of readers share my passion for the A380 with almost one in ten enjoying Three Airlines-one plane- comparing the A380. People seem to enjoy my reviews about plan flightses. eg my Reviews of V Australia Australia to LA  and Royal Jordanian (Bangkok to Amman) and my scathing report about United to the USA are all big hits. Also enjoyed was my rants about taxis and how to improve them.

Reader Nationality
One third of my readers are from the USA, 30% from Australia, 8% from the UK, 4% are French, 4% Canadian and 3% Indian. 1% are Kiwi, Singaporean and Malaysian.

Thank you for travelling with me!

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