China Southern A380 News

The 7th airline in the world to get their 380 will be China Southern.

One of their planes rolled out of the paint shop this week.  It will go back into the hangers for more work, apparently, before delivery later in the year.

The Airline's layout has been released. They will have 506 seats across all classes (Air France has 516 or 538, Lufthansa 526,  Emirates 489/517, Singapore 471, Qantas 450 and Korean 407):

  • First Class, 1-2-1 layout, is located on the lower deck.
  • Business Class, situated on the upper deck, is 1-2-1
  • 428 Economy seats  configured as 3-4-3 on the main lower deck with ten rows on the upper deck at the rear arranged 2-4-2. This is similar to Singapore Airlines A380 arrangement. 

China Southern is expected to start the plane on the Beijing – Paris run.

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