Road Warrior Help and Advice sought!

I travel with a whole stack of electrical cords, plugs and outlets.

I have stored them all together in a little box. They got all tangled up and the box is thicker than I want for my hand luggage.

 I then stored them in 3 little bags which fit into my small pockets of my laptop bag- I then forget what is in which bag!

How do you store your cords, plugs and adaptors?

I need something which protects, is light, 2.5cm thick (can be 60cm wide), not too expensive, is easy to access stuff from my laptop bag whilst at an airport or on a plane. What do you use?

Any advice gratefully received.

My List:

  • 2 Apple American adaptors (one for Iphone and one for computer)
  • 2 Apple Australian adaptors (one for Iphone and one for computer)
  • 2 retractable Cords  to connect computer to iphone (in case I lose one)
  • cord and transformer for computer
  • plug for iphone (sometimes useful not to plug into computer)
  • cord to connect data projector to Apple
  • cord to connect internet cable to computer
  • USB dongle/stick
  • sim cards for Australia, NZ, Uk, and USA
  • ear phones
  • back up drive and cord
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    what about clear plastic ziptop bags? they may not last as long, but come in heaps of different sizes and will stop the tangles (you could keep each in a smaller bag, then put them all into the bigger 1 litre (i think) bags, or try a fine mesh lingerie wash bag from $2- shop, I use these for packing clothes, they come in different sizes, you can stack them in the suitcase, and if you need to open your bags at the customs, you can just pull out 4 mesh bags, which saves repacking and exposing your clothes to the world

  2. Thanks for the mesh bag tip. I use them for my clothes too..had not thought of this for my electrics!

    Thanks for replying

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