What does the world rate your country?

Who would you say was the best country in the world?? There are two rankings of countries by the world based on how that country is perceived by others.

1. The 2010 Country Brand Index ,
2. The 2010  Nation Brands Index -info from this Index is less as I think they want you to pay

To me, Country Brand seems more focussed on a country as tourist destination and Nation Index seems to be a little more focussed on a range of other attributes.Full explanation at end of Blog.

The Rankings:
Country Brand
Nation Brands Index
01 Canada
1. United States
02 Australia
2. Germany
03 New Zealand
3. France
04 United States
4. United Kingdom
05 Switzerland
5. Japan
06 Japan
6. Canada
07 France
7. Italy
08 Finland
8. Switzerland
09 United Kingdom
9. Australia
10. Sweden
10. Sweden
11 Germany

12 Italy

13 Norway

14 Spain
14 China
15 Singapore

16 Maldives

17 Ireland

18 Bermuda

19 Denmark

20 Austria

21 Mauritius

22 Greece

23 India

24 Iceland

25 Netherlands

Canada has got themselves number one spot on the Country Brand Index for 2010. This may have a lot to do with the Winter Olympics coverage. This may make Canadians happier about the price tag! Nations Index has them a little lower at sixth place. When you consider Nations index is also including culture, exports, people and governance, this would explain the differences in ranking.

Australia number two in Country Brand and number nine for Nations Index. This would suggest that Australia is seen as a very attractive tourist destination but people are less certain of the country's exports, government etc.

In fact, in an article in Australian newspaper The Age, Simon Anholt, said: "Australia was ranked best in the world for natural beauty and as a place to visit if money was no object."  But he said "Australia is a country that is considered to be very decorative, but not very useful,'' In other words, Australia is is viewed as the ''dumb blonde'' of the world, attractive but shallow and unintelligent.

Mr Anholt noted that the result of the attacks on Indian students in Melbourne which had been well publicised in India had impacted in India. In 2008, the Indian panel of respondents gave Australia seventh place in the world for promoting equality within society. In 2010, they ranked Australia 34th. “China, for example, ranked Australia first in 2008 for a warm welcome. That dropped to third in 2009 and ninth in 2010. That has serious implications for tourism, education and international relations.

New Zealand, number three on one and not in top ten on the other. It says a lot about the world's perception of New Zealand beyond fjords, mountains and kyaking. I suspect its not dislike but lack of knowledge.

USA, number four on Country Brand and number one on Nations Index. So despite all the anti American rhetoric, the USA is a well respected brand.

I was surprised that Switzerland was ranked at fifth on CountryBrands but so much lower at eighth on the Nations Index. Do people not like Swiss chocolate exports?
France is the other way around seventh and third. Perhaps the perception of French arrogance slides them down a little in determining preference for a visit but people like to seek out French quality in products?.

United Kingdom is ninth  but ranked a little higher at fourth in Nations Index

Sweden is a good solid brand sitting at tenth in both indexes. In  fact too solid for some other Scandinavian countries who feel overshadowed by the strength of the Swedish brand.

Greece interestingly enough is at 22 in the Country Brand's and we know they are not even in the top 50 for Nations Index undoubtedly due to the recent austerity measures in that country,  accompanied by violent Greek riots.

Iceland kept its reputation on Country brands but could not imagine it making the top 100 in Nations Index with concerns over its governance resulting from their spectacular economic collapse.

Iran and Pakistan were the worst ranked.

What do you think?
How do you rate a country? Which of those Nations would you like to visit? Buy something from?

CountryBrand Index was developed by FutureBrand in partnership with BBC World News and measures:

AWARENESS: How top of mind is the country?

FAMILIARITY: How well do people know the country?

ASSOCIATIONS: What qualities come to mind including:


heritage and culture

good for business

quality of life

value system

PREFERENCE: How highly do audiences esteem the country?

CONSIDERATION: Are they thinking of visiting?

DECISION / VISITATION: To what extent do people indeed visit the country

ADVOCACY: Do visitors recommend the country to others?

Nation Brands Index developed by Anholt-GMI looks at:

PEOPLE: reputation for competence, education, openness

GOVERNANCE: opinion regarding national government competency 

EXPORTS: image of products & the extent to which they are sought

TOURISM: level of interest in visiting

CULTURE & HERITAGE: Reveals global perceptions of each nation's heritage and appreciation for its contemporary culture

INVESTMENT & IMMIGRATION: power to attract people to live, work or study
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