Had the longest delay of my life today.
11 hours! (compared to some people's woes-nothing!)
The delay is out of Brisbane heading to LAX (Flight 007).
The airline is V Australia, the overseas arm of Virgin Blue. They have an "unserviceable" aircraft!
Ironcially, my previous longest delay was with Virgin Blue out of Brisbane- destination: Sydney in 2000. That was an 8 hour delay.
I was so unimpressed with Virgin Blue's handling of that delay,  that I did not fly them for years! A recent convert back to the Virgin Blue family, this incident has me bemused. ..and a little worried. My connections home are much tighter than going. I have little room for delays! Fingers crossed for May!
V Australia have handled this brilliantly though: meal vouchers, good communications, a hotel for transit passengers (and I got an upgrade! Thanks V)
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