Trying Tiger

Just booked myself on a Tiger Airways flight from Melbourne to Adelaide next week. I saved a mere $6 off Qantas but I want the experience as Tiger will be my 66th airline I have flown on!

Have you flown them yet?
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  1. Steve_J_23 Says:

    Yes, I flew them in January. If you follow the rules: turn up with plenty of time, don't take on excess luggage, eat beforehand, you should be right. A one hour flight is a commute: I don't expect much in terms of service taking the train to Frankston, expect much the same on Tiger. And Tiger *did* save me about $450 on a one way from Hobart to Melbourne.

  2. wow.....that is mucho difference. Most flights I have looked at Tiger would actually have cost me more. This is after I added baggage etc

  3. well now I have flown them. Heres the review.

    My fare with Tiger would have been MORE than Qantas if I had taken luggage (true I chose to sit in the emergency exit)

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