Dead Airlines

I have now flown 65 airlines. I was astounded to do some maths this week and find of those sixteen are now out of business. Its a tough game flying.
  1. East West - anyone remember them? Ansett killed them off in 1993
  2. Ansett ....killed off by Air New Zealand, Newscorp, TNT and the Howard Government, many of us are still bitter about this
  3. Ozjet (seem to have collapsed three times-have they actually gone?)
  4. Compass -killed by undercapitalsation, heavy competition and politics
  5. Airlines of South Australia
  6. Hazelton-bought by Ansett, merged into Rex -I used to love it when flying Hazelton and one of the Hazelton family were piloting the planes-made one feel safer!
  7. Kendell-bought by Ansett, merged into Rex
  8. SkyEurope (wikipedia says something telling: The company never managed to make a profit.)
  9. SwissAir (now Swiss) died after advice given by consultancy advice went wrong, damaging the Swiss image of good business. Wonder if the consulting company gives refunds? The sad thing about Swiss collapse was that Sabena, the Belgian airline favoured by Tintin died too!!!!
  10. BOAC and British European Airways (now British Airways)
  11. Aloha Airlines (closed 2008)
  12. Pan Am-once one of the world leading airlines-I flew my first 747 with these guys
  13. Independence Air-fun airline-undercapitalised trying to compete with United-enjoyed flying with them
  14. Northwest (now Delta)
  15. Nigeria Airways...shut down 2003 - killed by corruption
  16. Origin Pacific-always a pleasure to fly-I saw a lot of NZ with them
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  1. jayne Says:

    LOVED SwissAir... I felt like a Queen the one and only time I flew them. Free champagne, as it should be!

  2. Air France are the same!!!

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