2011 Airline Ranking

US airlines ranked by moi for 2011
#1 Virgin America (in short a pelasure to fly)
#2 Jet Blue (pipped at the post slightly my Virgin, Jetblue continue to be a delight to fly)
#3 Air Tran (last time they appear separately now they have merged with Southwest)
#4 Southwest (fun, consistent airline who appera to care yo get to your destnation)
#5 Frontier/ Alaska (both reolabke soli airlines
#5 Delta- I am stunned at the improveemnst in Delta- wifi on almost all planes, better customer service set up, good websiet
#8 United- continental
#9 American – I make msyelf fly american only because I get qnatas points throigh tehir one world relatiosnhisp with them- these guys are nasty
# 10 US Air—so bad 

International Airlines
#1 Emirates
#2 Air New Zealand
#2 V Australia
#4 Qantas

(Hawaiian, Spirit , Suncountry, Alligient not flown)

(luggage, complaints, my experience)
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2 Responses
  1. Emirates is outdoing itself in competing with other airlines although virgin america is way ahead.

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