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It was midnight on a winter's night in Wellington, New Zealand. I had flown from Australia which is not a long trip but it sill involves several hours of travel.

I arrived at my hotel. There was one guest in front of me. The guy said to him: "you are lucky I have one room left".

I was so glad I had my printed confirmed booking.

I stepped up to the counter and introduced myself to the pleasant reception guy. He tapped on his computer, frowned, tapped again, frowned again and then disappeared momentarily. He came back with a very worried expression on his face and a sheet of paper. He did some more tapping and then said: "your hotelclub booking didnt come through"
I said: "I have a confirmed booking"
"not at our end" he said :and I have just given our last room away"
I said "yes I heard you. That was my room"
"whats worse", he continued, "there is a convention, an arts festival and a rugby game in the same week as Parliament is sitting.There are no rooms in Wellington"

I then rang So did he. The long and short of it was that Hotelclub blamed the hotel and the hotel blamed They both rang hotels around Wellington looking for a room. The hotel got me one in the end in a sister property in a grotty single bed room. Ugh The hotel didn't charge me for that night and upgraded me on the next.

I passed this as an isolated incident until it happened again last week in a different city at a different hotel. This time found me another room 50km (31 miles away). When I asked how I could get there, he suggested (seriously) walking. Again, the hotel blamed hotelclub and vice versa. Again, the hotel rescued me booking me at another hotel and absorbing what was a higher cost

I have  used Hotel Club 43 times since 2005. The two booking failures represent 5% of my bookings. Seeing I also use Wotif (NIL problems), Priceline (nil problems) and Expedia (nil problems),  I am less likely to use hotelclub and will now directly confirm with any hotel that I do book through

Anyone else used or to book accommodation? They are officially part of Orbitz who I thought were better organised than this.

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