Airports and Wireless

In today's modern world, it is infuriating the inconsistency in wireless internet access in airports. There are four types of airports in my experience:
  1. Airports with no wireless internet (mostly regional)
  2. Airports with free wireless internet (these are airports I like)
  3. Airports with one internet wireless carrier that you have to purchase airtime from (these are airports I dislike a lot)
  4. Airports with multiple internet carriers that allow you to choose a carrier you may have a monthly plan with
The third option is frustrating because you have to sign up a new carrier for that airport. In some cases, the carrier charges extortionate rate (sorry $10 an hour is extortionate). Sometimes you can roam with your own home carrier but I find roaming charges are extraordinary.

Heres a fantastic list of airports with wireless!  NB It is US focused.

I would like:
1. free wireless in all airports
2. enough power outlets to plug my laptop into.
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