I just flew my 666th flight. Wondered if I should have been superstitious? It was a stock standard flight from SYDney, Australia  to MELbourne, Australia.

Bad Luck:  I tried to get onto an earlier flight to find they were all full. A combination of school holidays and a check in meltdown at competitor Virgin Blue meant there was no capacity on any earlier flight.
Good Luck: Qantas upgraded me to business class.
Bad Luck:  the plane was severely delayed as it had been hit by lightning between Perth and Sydney. Technicians took a few hours to look over the plane.
Good Luck: They finally declared it safe
Bad Luck:  but we were very, very late.
Good Luck: I was in the Qantas Club so food and drink and wireless internet were all free!
Bad Luck:  Upon boarding, I found the plane was an Airbus 330 which is actually one of my least favourite planes!
Good Luck:  The plane was called Clare Valley, one of my fave wine growing areas in Australia
Bad Luck:  SYD has a curfew of 11pm. Boarding started at 1040pm and the plane was completely full so we were not on board until 1105pm
Good Luck:  the powers that be granted Qantas a dispensation (which is very, very rare) and we took off at 1120pm.
First time I have broken curfew!
Good Luck: Flight was great and the (late) dinner meal in business class was very nice!

I am not actually superstitious. I am aware instead that I am very blessed to have traveled and seen what  I have seen and remained safe for my travels around the globe  37 times to 174 airports in in 34 countries using 69 airlines.

NB One airline, Qantas represents one third of the flights. Another seven airlines have been my carriers for a third of my flights and the remaining third is divided between the other 61 airlines!  16 of those airlines do not exist any more and two have changed their names.

565 of the flights have been for business! and most of my trips have been in the last decade! And only 35 in Business and 12 in First!

From Iceland in the North to New Zealand in the South. Samoa in the East to Fiji in  the West, I have seen and enjoyed so much!

Now for my 777th flight......an interesting challenge would be to fly a 717 on my 717th flight and a 737 on my 737th flight etc!!
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