Across the Pacific the "Friendly Way"

The flights between Australia and the USA are considered to amongst the longest non stops in the world. For example at 7921 miles (12, 748 kilometres), the 15.25 hour Los Angeles to Melbourne is the fifth longest scheduled flight in the world

I have flown from Australia to the West Coast of the USA/Canada 21 times and I have flown back 17 times. (No, I have not stayed in the US 4 times...thats the consequence of my favourite ticket:- the Round the World Ticket.

So in total I have had 38 Pacific crossings by air.

I have done a crossing in either direction five times with Air New Zealand, once with Air Canada, twice with Continental (who no longer fly it) and twice with the friendly skies (United). This means Qantas 26 crossings!

Today Crossing Number 39 is with United...I have not flown them on this sector since 1995!

Having got a super cheap fare, I used my points to apply for an upgrade to Business and thats where the fun began. I was waitlisted for the upgrade, then it was confirmed! Yippee! When I got to the airport, however, I found out that I had lost it again! There were now 12 passengers waiting for 3 seats. The nice thing was that the Melbourne Check in supervisor personally came down to apologise to me for the lack of upgrade. She did say that there was a possibility out of SYD still (1 in 4 chance!)

Booking 10/10
Web-site 10/10
Reservations Telephone staff  10/10
Check In:  United 10/10

Security: United 10/10 -  I got an Express Pass which got me through security in a few minutes...only glitch was when my Vegemite (savoury spread used by Australians on toast) was confiscated under the liquid, gels, rule.  I knew about perfumes, water, moisturiser etc but vegemite!!!!!!!!! A completely sealed jar!!! Apparently one can smuggle explosives in it! But up to now, I did not consider how dangerous the world considers Australian Vegemite!

United have their own lounge for its frequent frequent flyers. Its adequate with free wifi but NOT a patch on Qantas! Still free food and drinks before a flight is appreciated. Staff were very friendly and welcoming! Thanks team!

Breakfast was rubbery sausages, runny scrambled eggs, nice fresh fruit, toast (honeys, jams and vegemite!!!!!!)

Check out Part Two where I discover the not so friendly skies with United on the first leg of my flight 
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    Ha, I like the feeling that they had run out of vegemite so confiscated yours to serve up for breakfast.

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